Septic Pumping

  • Up to 1000 gallons: 180.00
  • Over 1000 gallons: Price assessed at time of pumping

Septic Inspection

  • Includes all equipment and man hours involved with inspection. 125.00/hr

Bacteria and Nitrate
Water Tests

  • At time of inspection: 150.00
  • If only water tests are done, a trip charge will be added.

Lead Water Testing

  • At time of inspection: 100.00
  • If only water test is done, a trip charge will be added.

Drain Cleaning

  • Sewer Camera and Locator: 250.00*
  • Drain Cleaning Cable Snake: 200.00*     
  • High Pressure Jetting: $285*
    + $80/hour after the first hour

*Includes one hour and trip charge.
**Cleanouts must be free and accessible